Saturday, July 10, 2010

Engaged: Carol & Jacob: Charlotte, VT

Carol and Jacob decided to have their wedding in Vermont because they thought it would be a lot cooler in July than their home state of Texas. Unfortunately the East Coast has been experiencing a heat wave of sorts with temperatures reaching 90+ degrees daily for the past week. Some areas reached over 100 degrees! Lucky for everyone it looks like things might cool off for their wedding this afternoon. We'll just hope the rain stays at bay as the ceremony is to take place outdoors on the top of Mt. Philo. ::fingers crossed::

We met earlier this week to finalize details and have a look at the ceremony spot. Carol and Jacob worked really hard to squeeze this visit into their already busy schedule and for that I am very appreciative. Engagement sessions are really important in my book! It is a chance for me to meet the couple, learn about them and have a chance to photograph them before the actual wedding date. Weddings can be nutty as you may know! It's always nice to know who is behind the camera that is sneaking around following you all day :)

After our session Carol and Jacob said that they felt much more relaxed now and ready for the wedding and being photographed. Even if this was just a portrait session and not something for the Save-the-Dates or a newspaper announcement, it is a great relief to anyone who is not photographed daily to learn that they will survive in front of the camera and have fun doing so! Has anyone had such an experience before? Good or bad. What are your thoughts on having photos done before the wedding day?

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Carol and Jacob's recent session. xo Kaht

Aside from hoping for cooler weather in Vermont, Carol knew that Vermont was beautiful and would provide a wonderful backdrop for their wedding! The wildflowers are in bloom now, so the fields are just perfect!

Carol has these stunning eyes that she claimed were due to a good make-up artist. I think it is all you Carol.

So in love!


The spot where they will be married today! Lake Champlain is in the background. :)


Anonymous said...

Kathleen, We love the pictures. We found an internet cafe and we will check back for some wedding photos! Happiness, the Bride and Groom (Carol & Jacob)

Kathleen North Porter said...

Hello Carol and Jacob! So glad you enjoyed the images from your e-session :) Devin and I were so happy to be a part of your day! Safe travels :) I will be in touch soon with wedding pictures! Warm Vermont Wishes, Kathleen

Kathleen North Porter said...
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