Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vermont Made

Despite not being a 9th generation Vermonter, I stand tall and proud when I say, "I am a Vermonter."

It is true, my folks moved from New Jersey to Vermont when they were first married. And it is true that I married an imported "outta-stater", but through and through from barefoot to ponytail, I am a Vermont-Made girl, even if I am the first generation.

In the past couple months Devin (imported "outta-stater" husband) and I have done a lot of thinking and talking about how we can shop more locally and try to reduce our carbon footprint as well as help out local businesses. Our big goal would be to buy things that are grown and produced locally and not trucked in and travelled from afar. Now, I cannot stand too tall on my soap box here, because I did just buy grapes from California...but I bought them at our local family owned corner market. Baby steps here. The money spent is still going to someone who lives locally. :)

As we looked at local foods, I got to thinking about what else can be bought locally and what clients of mine, specifically wedding clients who are coming to Vermont for a true Vermont wedding, might enjoy and use. And it is amazing as to what awesome products are out there! From chocolate to candles to soaps to candies to art, the list is quite endless as Vermont is chock full of handmade items and crafty entrepreneurs. It is just finding these awesome items that can be the trick seeing as many of them live in tiny towns and only are known via word of mouth. And so I went on a search for some of the best Vermont Made items that are out there and will be featuring them on my blog. It's a little shout out to my beautiful home state and a little lime light for some of the wonderful artists and crafters that make it awesome.

So stay tuned as the first Vermont Made Feature is coming up! Have a great holiday weekend everyone :) Each a hamburger or not-dog (veggie hot dog) for me! And sit back, relax, and be happy. xo Kaht

A while back I mentioned in a post something about red lens-less glasses I sported in high school. Yes, I was that cool. A blog reader requested to see my classy ways so that they could obviously see where such a fashion started. Well, it started in Vermont friends :) Of course. Vermont Made fashion sense? Trust me, our other featured Vermont Made items are much cooler. But, here it is. This is my good friend from way back when Carter and I at a theatre festival in high school. Yes, we were cool. :) You can even see the Duck Tape frame that surrounds this great memory!


Jessie said...

What fun!

Bethany said...

OMG I remember those glasses!!!!!! And the Theater Fest? Yup...Good Days!