Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Engaged: Robin & Goose: Montpelier, Vermont

Once there was a silly Goose that fell in love with a beautiful Robin. The Goose was just so in awe with the Robin's beauty that he tried to impress her in many ways by making her laugh and smile, holding her tight when she was sad or hurt, and of course showing off occasionally. For years Goose followed Robin all over New England, chasing her from state to state, before they finally returned to their beloved home in Vermont. And it is then that the Goose knew he had to have the Robin as his wife. He just could not live apart from her any longer. Lucky for the Goose, the Robin was quite smitten with him as well and joyfully accepted his proposal!

This coming Fall, Goose (aka Ryan) and Robin's wedding will take place in Montpelier, VT. A very appropriate location for a couple who loves Vermont and are super in love with one another! Enjoy some of my favorite images from their recent engagement session. It was a real trick to narrow things down as they are so cute together! xo Kaht

'Hmm, she is awfully pretty...'

'I think I shall kiss her!'

Robin, you are just so beautiful :) Just love those stunning eyes!! And your great laugh :)

Goose trying to be serious... :) It worked.


A cute little moment :)

Robin made this quilt for Goose. I love when couples bring sentimental items!

So in love!

Another favorite moment.

Their ceremony will take place at The Old Meeting House in Montpelier. The key for the door was pretty cool :)

WHO needs diamonds when you can have ruby red strawberries? ;)


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Beautiful couple and lots of sweet images - I love the quilt!

Kathleen North Porter said...

I thought you might like that detail my crafty friend!!

Tara said...

Fabulous couple and photos!

Robin said...

Thanks Kaht!! You did a beautiful job and are so fun and relaxing to work with.

Cyndie LaCroix said...

These are beautiful!!!! Needless to say they made me cry...again...lol...Great unique shots of you both...The little story was awesome, very creative!! I? love you and can't wait for the wedding!!

Robin said...

My mom had the tissues out too! I think that's a pretty good sign when something beautiful brings tears to your eyes : ) Thank you and love you too

Anonymous said...

I thought that the photos were great. I knew Goose in high school and to see him as an adult looking truly happy was great. Nice shots that really caught the emotion.