Thursday, July 29, 2010

Engaged: Kelly & Brant: Richmond, Vermont

The first meeting with new clients is always a little nerve wracking. Even after I have spoken with them on the phone and via e-mail many times before! As I sit and wait for them to arrive little quips go through my head of, "What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm nuts? What if they are totally not into having their pictures taken? What if they decide that I am SO not the photographer for them? GAH!"

And then they arrive.

And as they step out of their car, all of those annoying little doubts diminish as an air of excitement and happiness settles around us. They are thrilled to be here with me. They have been looking forward to it for weeks. Are they nervous? Nope! They are EXCITED! Excited to have their love and relationship photographed by me. And as I try to not skippity-hop through the entire session at the joy of having such fabulous clients, I thank my lucky stars for just that: fabulously wonderful clients that make my world a better place. And for love. Because where would we be without it?

Kelly and Brant have a great wedding planned for this coming October and I am so excited to be able to be a part of their day! They are a really sweet couple that is so in love and deserving of great happiness. And they have a fantastic ring bearer (Kelly's son, Patrick) who really knows how to make everyone laugh! Thank you for a great afternoon you three :) I cannot wait for October! xo Kaht

A sweet family shot to start :)

And a little sweet love after that...

Ring bearer extraordinaire!

*sweet love*

We were walking around the Green Mountain Audubon Society when a Great Blue Heron took off just feet from us! It was pretty amazing.

Working the old maple sugar shed. *love*

This young man is such a charmer!

Kelly's elegant ring incorporates turquoise stones to represent her December birthday, which I think is such a sweet detail!

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