Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Engaged: Katelyn & Ian: Montpelier, Vermont

In a universe that is so large and full of such joy and sorrow, it always makes me smile when I meet a couple who have created their own world by combining their separate lives. It is a world of their own that centers around their love for one another and for their family. Where every star is a wish waiting to be made and every day is an adventure waiting to be had. Despite what the great universe might tumble their way, they stand strong in the life they have created for themselves and continue to strengthen it with each moment.

Katelyn and Ian will marry in less than a month and I am really happy that I will be there to witness and capture the day that their world becomes just that much more beautiful. We met up last week for a fun little session that took place at a playground. Their adorable little girl, Aubrey, had a great time running around with her grandmother, while we took advantage of the unique location and nice light. Enjoy some of my favorite images from the afternoon and look for their wedding on the blog in September! xo Kaht

Katelyn was not sure if she could pull off "sassy". I think she did just that, perfectly :)

Katelyn denies having ever been a model. I am not so sure though! Such a beautiful smile :)

Ian denied any former modeling as well... :)

Aubrey came over to show us a stick collection she was working on. So sweet!

Can you see the love? Can you?


Gorgeous! Ian was a fabulous coach in getting Katelyn's true smile to come out. :)

Love a little fun and sass!


Off to the playground!

Sandbox sweetie!

Just an adorable family. :)
PS Thank you Grandma Diane for coming along and helping out with Aubrey! We really appreciated it :)

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