Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Engaged: Eileen & Tim: Burlington, VT

I am very lucky in my career in that I get to meet some wonderful people along my journey. And Eileen and Tim were no exception. Another fabulous couple that I am pleased to know and photograph!

For the past couple years they called New York City their home. It is the city were they met and fell in love. Now in search of something a little quieter, they have moved their life and kitties to beautiful Vermont. With a big love for life, one another and good beer, I do believe that Vermont is very please to have them here. :) Their wedding is coming up faster than WHOA! and they have a great day planned that I am looking forward to sharing with you all! In the meantime, enjoy my favorites from their recent engaged session. xo Kaht

'Bahahaha! Kathleen, she is so funny.' At least, that is what I remember them saying... :)

Funny story: while taking this image, a rough and tumble fella came up and hovered over my shoulder. I did not really notice except that Tim and Eileen were looking just beyond me and kind of had funny looks on their faces. I turned around and there this guy was! He stared at us a second and then asked what was the time. That's it. Heh.

Having just moved from NYC, we did not think it appropriate to plop them in a field of flowers. Downtown Burlington provided a nice intermediate urban feel :)


I wished for a chess set to appear out of thin air, but instead Tim turned on the sweetness.

Eileen, thank you for being so darn cute!

She's pointing those kisses at Tim. Not random folks on the street :)

Tim, bring this adorable smile and look with you to the wedding please! It works well :)

A little sass to end the session makes it a great day!

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