Friday, August 6, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: Old Farmer Sage

While at the local Richmond Farmer's Market, an old man approached Devin and I. He asked about the "Class of..." t-shirt I was wearing and wanted to know if I had graduated from a local school. I denied being a true local, but stood strong and proud at the fact that I AM a born and bred Vermonter. He got a chuckle out of that and continued chatting. It was unique. A complete stranger, holding a hamburger, with an old cap on his head asking Devin and I about our lives.

After finding out about our origins and schooling he turned to me and with a serious face said, "If this man does not treat you right, you come and tell me. I might not be able to rough him up, but I can certainly give him some rough words." He then turned to Devin and took his shoulder and even though they both turned away from me, I could hear the gentleman's whisper, "You treat her well now. You hear. You got a good thing young man." Ah yes, I thought. The old man giving the young man sound advice. Advice that we have heard numerous times before. Perhaps he was a little batty, perhaps he felt the need to tell everyone this canned fatherly advice, "Treat her well, you don't know what you've got." Perhaps I just grew up with a wonderful father who told every male suitor in my life the same thing. Needless to say, I at first dismissed the old man's whispered words as something I already knew and did not need to hear again. Devin and I both know what we have and just how wonderful it is.

Then the man turned back to us with the same serious face. "I'll tell ya," he said, "My wife, she died over eight years ago. And a day does not go by that I do not think about how I could have been better to her or done better by her, or been a better person. I loved her but did not show it enough." And with that he shook our hands, patted out shoulders, and strolled away with his hamburger, leaving us with his wisdom.

An old farmer sage with what really was some sound advice. And with that man's words sitting on our minds, how can we really not look at each day and wonder, how can I be a better person today? How can I show someone how much they really mean to me? How can we not say 'I care about you.' to the people who mean the most to us? Because, even though that husband and wife were married well into old age, that man is now left wishing he had took the time back then to be better.

Think about that. And have a great weekend :) xo Kaht

Another great Farmer's Market find! I am always a weakling for good bread, especially when it has a fabulous logo such as Slow Fire's bread. Add some fresh butter and Mmmm....

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