Monday, October 19, 2009

Tara & Anthony's Downtown E-Session

When Devin and I met up with Tara and Anthony for their engagement session, it was a foggy morning in downtown Hanover, NH. Dartmouth students were still tucked away in their beds and the street shoppers had not even begun to stir. We practically had the place to ourselves! It was perfect.

Tara and Anthony are friends from years ago that I lost touch with as our paths went in different directions. You can imagine how pleased I was when they contacted me about photography for their wedding. I was so happy to hear that they were getting married! And after some pleading and begging on my part ;) , they finally agreed to become one of my fabulous couples. Huzzah!

Thank you Tara and Anthony for being fabulous! We had a great time running around taking photos with you.  Good luck these next couple months. I'm looking forward to all of the festivities next June! :)  xo Kaht

Their adorable pup Fenway traveled to Vermont with them for the session. She was a perfect model!

Just love Tara's smile! And she has a lovely laugh to match :)

The front of The Hanover Inn has a beautiful porch with rockers. Mmmm.

While I was chasing Tara, Anthony, and Fenway, Devin was schlepping my bag and capturing fun Dartmouth architecture details. Love it!

Anthony has a pretty great smile too :)

Tara's sister, Katelyn, tagged along to take care of Fenway when she was off camera. Thank you Katelyn!

An adorable family :) 
Need more? Check out their SLIDESHOW!


Petals said...

These are awesome Kath!! I especially love the one of the dog posing while the couple is kissing!!

How did you do that?


Kathleen North said...

Lot's and lot's of kissy/clicky noises! Children and pets respond well to those. Sometimes adults as well!!