Thursday, October 29, 2009

Keeping Up with K&D: My Fantastic Husband

As we headed back to the car from the Tunbridge Fair, Devin told me to not look in the trunk at the massive object covered in a blanket. Huh? It was a gift...for ME!

On the way home he made jokes about the blanket-clad object moo-ing or moving about, snuffling and snorting. I heard nothing, but perhaps my hearing was going...either way, I was excited to see what lay beneath the blanket. 

When we got home it was OF COURSE too late to see what lay under there and I had to wait until morning. Booo! Well, morning came and I was ushered into a windowless room so that my brother and Devin could wrestle the object out of the trunk and onto the lawn to present to me. My feet were tapping with impatience!

Then. It was time. 

I was blindfolded, lead stumbling outside, to everyone snickering around me. I even think there was a drum roll of sorts. 

As the object was revealed, my heart jumped and my pulse quickened. All of a sudden there was a jig in my feet and a shake in my hips as I shimmied over to the wedding gift my husband-to-be had made for me. 

A cider press! 

Devin found an old, dead cider press on EBay for a good deal and refurbished the metals parts and rebuilt the woods parts. Amazing! My favorite are the carved details. :)

This photo is courtesy of my brother who is nearly 10 feet tall (okay, just 6' 10" or so), but that is why we look so short ;) Thanks Brian!
It is something I have always wanted, been on the look out for and slightly coveted at every New England museum we have been too. And now, I (we) have our own custom designed and built press. Next fall: cider party time!! xo Kaht

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Orchard Cove Photography said...

What an awesome idea! Go Devin!!