Thursday, October 15, 2009

Briney & Ben's Newport, NH Wedding

And. I'm. BACK! After a slight hiatus that involved Devin and I tying the knot, running away to Maine for a spell and then moving me and my worldy possessions to Richmond, VT, I am mostly settled in and beginning the great game of catch up. I have tons of great images to share with you and hope you'll check back often to see them! Now, on to the photos:

Sitting here at my desk, looking outside at gray clouds, orange leaves, and snow flurries, I think back fondly on this HOT August day.  It was literally the hottest day this summer when Maggie Conely and I met up in Newport, NH to photograph Briney and Ben's wedding. There were moments when I even considered rolling my pant legs just to feel some sort of air. (I'm just that classy!) However, despite the heat, the weather was perfect and the location (Ben's father's home) could not have been more lovely! And, to top it off, everyone in the wedding was super fabulous to work with! It could not have been a more perfect day full of love, laughter, and beautiful colors! The way a wedding should be. 

Enjoy!  xo Kaht

View of the ceremony site and backdrop. Stunning :)

Ben's two adorable nieces were the flower girls and were such sweethearts! Won many hearts this day.

When your photographer says "hustle" you hustle!

I had a great time with Ben and his guys before the ceremony. Lots of joking and laughing:) 

The ever so handsome groom

Briney made such a beautiful bride. Her dress was simply breathtaking! Very becoming on her. 

Briney's sister and MOH fluffs her dress one last time before the ceremony. 

Ben and his best man make their way down the aisle. 

To family! To love! To happiness!

Briney's adorable niece. Loving the blue/green eyes at this wedding!

"*Augh!* Come on you two..." said the groomsman in the background. :)

Briney and her parents:)

There were MANY fun ties strolling about the wedding. I love fun ties!

Ben's nieces new puppy made a debut during the cocktail hour. Loving the heart nametag. :)

Ben's families faithful golden roamed about the reception making certain all was going well. 

Briney's dance with her father was really sweet and upbeat! Everyone had tears in their eyes.

A beautiful night ended a beautiful day. 
Let me know what you think and leave some love! 

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