Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Up With Kaht and Devin: H1N1 and THE FLU

Attention. Attention everyone. May I please have your attention?

You may now shake my hand, hug me, kiss me, and generally be within 10 feet of me. I am vaccinated. (For the seasonal flu at least.) Plague, rabies, and H1N1 are in the works.

During our visit to the family this weekend, we heard that Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center was offering a free flu shot clinic. Perfect! Get up early Sunday morning, pop over there, get a shot (eek!), grab a consolatory chocolate croissant and be on our way. Easy peasy.

Well, seeing as it was possibly the last flu shot clinic offered by DHMC before they switched to H1N1 vaccines, everyone else had the same idea.

The cartoon looks like a sneezy starving artist type. :) Now that will not be me!

The whole process took no more than 45 minutes. Kudos to DHMC for being so organized and fast! And my consolation prize was even better than a chocolate croissant. Stay tuned! xo Kaht

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Anne said...

DHMC doesn't look as well built as FAHC. :)