Saturday, October 17, 2009

Keeping Up With Kaht and Devin: The Farm and Family

Today we will be heading down to The Farm to visit with my family and celebrate my parents 29th anniversary. It is just amazing to look at all that they have accomplished in those 29 years; a home, a family, careers, adventures, and now welcoming new family! It makes me wonder what Devin and I will be celebrating 29 years from now...

So off we go to laugh and celebrate and share stories tonight over a great dinner. Tomorrow I am meeting up with Amanda of Orchard Cove for a wedding at Riverside Farm. Lovely!

Have a great weekend everyone! xo Kaht


Rachel said...

Wow I know that hen and that hen and even that hen

Cassie said...

You'll likely be celebrating lots and lots of kids... and milking them :-p