Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Up With Kaht and Devin: Meet McKenna!

Standing in line in the freezing cold for our flu vaccines was quite bearable and borderline enjoyable because we had a very special treat waiting for us when we were done.

Baby McKenna!

The timing was just such that our friends had not left the hospital yet with their newborn baby girl. They so graciously gave us the "heck yes!" to come up and visit them and for that I am so appreciative! Many things can put a smile on my face, but snuggly cuddly babies are pretty high on the list!

Thank you a million times Justin and Leighann for letting us stop by and snuggle McKenna. She is precious!! Enjoy your beautiful baby and I am already looking forward to seeing her (and you!) again soon. :) xo Kaht

The beautiful mommy and her darling baby, wrapped up like a burrito!

A perfectly complete family, minus Huxley (the adoring family dog).

And of course the best part of the visit for us! Baby snuggles.

Have a great afternoon! xo Kaht


Orchard Cove Photography said...

SO SO Sweet :) Great to see you on Sunday!

Kathleen North said...

And fabulous to see you! I hope things went well after my departure and that your drive home was uneventful :) When you are back in VT we should get together "out of the office"!