Monday, May 17, 2010

Richmond, VT: Engaged: Kate & Pat

Kate is undeniably one of the sweetest people that I know. She has always had a heart of gold and a genuine nature about her that is so wonderful and refreshing. Our friendship goes back quite a few years, back when we could devour a pint of our favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor and not even think about the outcome. :) As time went on, our paths went separate ways.

Now Kate has a new best friend. And his name is Pat. :) And even though I could probably match him in a Ben & Jerry's ice cream eating contest, I definitely could not make Kate smile the way he does when she is around him. Pure unconditional love and happiness. It is beautiful! And I am so happy that my best friend has found her best man.

Thank you for being two of the most wonderful people I know, Kate and Pat. I truly enjoyed our time together and cannot wait for your September wedding! xo Kaht

A little warm-up time.

One of Kate and Pat's favorite things to do together is watch the Red Sox!


When I had Kate and Pat sign the baseball, Pat said, "I have always wanted to do this!" Glad I could make a dream come true Pat :)

The Round Church in Richmond, VT is beautiful! I really hope to do a wedding there one day :)

Love Spring in Vermont! So much great color :)

So sweet!

Mmmm...Apple blossoms.

Another reason I adore these two is their willingness to be a little silly. *Fun!*


Theresa said...

Oh, My Goodness! Kathleen did a fantastic job photographing you two. She really captured you! You can tell that she has an artistic background. Must be the influence of her second grade teacher. Ha!

Kathleen North said...

Oh Mrs. S. You know you influenced me in more ways than just art! Best 2nd grade teacher ever :)

Jon said...

Fantastic Pictures, Kate and Pat. You both look so very happy as I'm sure you are. Love Aunt Annie

Theresa said...

Kathleen, You are just as sweet now as you were in second grade. You can call me Theresa now. After all, we're practically related! :) I'll TRY to call you Kaht from now on.

IZZY said...

Wonderful pictures!!!!! It looks like you both were really enjoying yourselves. Look forward to the Wedding, Love, Kathy,Tom and Isabel

Karen C said...

Phenomenal pictures!! I love the pictures in front of the Round Church and especially the black & white photos. I just wish you two could manage to look happy :) Seriously, these are wonderful and I wish you both much happiness.
Karen C.