Friday, May 14, 2010

Windfall Dutch Barn, New York: Wedding: Courtney & Paul

This past weekend there was pretty much every form of weather in Salt Springville, NY. It rained and snowed. Was sunny and windy. There was even hail at one point! There was lighting and thunder, cool breezes and warm air, even a hint of frost!

But in between clouds and bursts of down pouring rain, Courtney and Paul were married under two big sturdy trees. Their family and friends stood by and smiled with joy as these two people in love vowed to care for one another no matter what life presented them. As wondering eyes watched dark clouds approach, Courtney and Paul were pronounced "husband and wife!". The wind blew around them as they kissed and snuggled close. "My wife!"..."My husband." :)

As the guests gathered inside the age old Dutch Barn, the rain poured outside. Cozy and snug, everyone celebrated into the night, toasting (and roasting) a wonderful couple!

Thank you Courtney and Paul for asking me to be a part of your day. I am so happy that you said "Yes!!" :) And now I have two more wonderful people in my life. Happy marriage to you! Whatever the weather, just love one another and everything will be fine. :) xo Kaht

The whole wedding had so many fun details! The pin was Courtney's grandmother's and the necklace was her great-grandmother's!

Batman cufflinks! *love*

Paul got ready at the Tunnicliff Inn in Cooperstown, NY. A very cool historic inn!

Handsome groom!

Sometimes, you just need a little boost from your friends! *Love* you two adorable ladies!

Cannot resist an adorable kitty candid.

The cupcake/candy dessert table was amazing!

Courtney, you are simply gorgeous. Like WHOA!

While I was with Courtney getting her make-up done, Kelly (amazing assistant!!) was hanging out with Paul at the First Look location. :)

I love these two images! Kelly caught the one on the right while I caught the one on the left!

As always, I love when couples opt or a First Look before the ceremony. It is such an intimate private moment! And a great photo opportunity. This series really makes my heart happy. :)

Courtney came up behind Paul and Paul was so nervous to turn around! It was so sweet. :)

"Can I look now?"

"My wife is so hot!!" Funniest First Look statement ever! Thanks Paul :)

Nothing says, "I love you" than sharing a little lip gloss.

Loved the light (and lack of wind) behind the barn. :)

So beautiful!

Wait! Something is missing....

A little!

A sweet moment between Paul and his mom as she put on his boutonniere.

Courtney and Paul's siblings and close friends did the ceremony. It was really beautiful.

You know how I am a sucker for the father/daughter hug during the ceremony....

But I LOVED the high five even more :)

A huge gust of wind came up at this point! Love Courtney's face as she looked at the black clouds approaching. :)

What's so funny?

Ah! Yes. Paul had his vows written on his i-phone. HA!

Really love this image that Kelly captured of the wind blowing the leaves around.


Their rings were done by an artist North of Boston. Amazing!

This really shows how stiff the wind was!

Group photos were a real trick because it was so cold/wet/windy. Luckily the back of the barn had an overhang and steps! Yay!!

And lucky for me I had an amazing assistant who was willing to hold her ground and my umbrella!

It was perfect pin wheel weather though!

Snug in the barn, we celebrated the night away!


Kristin Thomas Sancken said...

This is a fabulous wedding! It makes me wish I knew these people nd could have been a guest!

Paul and Courtney said...

These are the greatest wedding pictures we have ever seen. (We are a little biased though)

Kelly said...

What an awesome location Kaht! I love the detail shots - so natural and colorful. My favorite photo is "a little sass". Beautiful work, as always.

Tricia McCormack said...

Kaht - you told the story and the adorableness of this couple. Bravo to you - gorgeous pictures!

Michelle said...

Absolutely intoxicating. You captured emotion and the true essence of the moments.~I loved it.~ So happy for them. The weather and local made it truly unique. Nice job everyone. Love the pic of Kel

Heather said...

hi there! beautiful pictures! do you by any chance have vendor info on the caterer and the rental co. b/c i'm trying to have my wedding there next Spring! there's no info to be found! thanks!

Kathleen North Porter said...

Hi Heather! Shoot me an e-mail at I'll see what info I can find for you!

geenee72 said...

I am having my wedding at the Dutch Barn this summer ... I wondered what the couple used to cover the pictures and displays on the wall and what they did about catering. My email is if anyone wants to shoot me an email.