Wednesday, May 26, 2010

South Dakota: Wedding: Sarah & Tim

The story of how I met Sarah is very similar to that of how I met my husband. Appropriately enough because both happened on the same night, in the same place, and with the same attire. It was a Saturday night and I was meeting this group of people for the first time, to go out and play a game of Capture the Flag. When I showed up in my jeans and sweatshirt, I was slightly surprised at the group that greeted me: head to toe camouflage, face paint included. They all stood well over 6 feet tall except for this one petite thing who stood her ground among these giants. I later learned that this was Sarah.

From that night on I became pretty inseparable from this wonderful group of people. Sarah in particular. We would go for walks and chat and do girly things that the guys in our posse just did not care for. One time we talked about weddings and as I expressed my interest in a big wedding with great food and wonderful music, Sarah shrugged and said she probably wouldn't get married. And if she did, the reception would be in the church basement with juice and cookies. I pashawed such an idea saying, "Oh, you'll meet the perfect guy" and if a basement reception were the case, then we would make sure she had the best damn cookies at her wedding.

Well gives me great pleasure to say, "I told you so!"

Sarah and Tim are utterly perfect for one another. He is the peas to her carrots, she is the leaves to his tree, they are perfectly meant for one another and I could not be happier for them. Sarah has found her perfect guy and Tim has found his perfect woman. And Devin and I were able to document their perfect wedding in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And I did not see a single cookie or cup of juice. It was a beautiful wedding put together by the people who love them. All of the details reflected just who this wonderful couple is. So perfect.

Without further ado, enjoy some of my favorites from their beautiful weekend wedding. At the end you can find a link to a slideshow that has more images. Thank you again Sarah and Tim for allowing Devin and I to be such a big part of your day! xo Kaht

Sarah's dress was very goddess-like. So perfect for her!

Perfect moment!

Sarah's dad captured the day in his own way. It was very sweet :)

I was so happy Sarah and Tim opted for a First Look! Always a fantastic idea.

The best men were made up of Tim's brother and Sarah's brother. A good looking group!

Sarah was accompanied by her two beautiful sisters.

Put them all together and you have one fantastic looking family!

Mmm, just love that dress!

Sarah, you are so stunning!

And Tim, you're not half bad either ;)

Time to get married!

One of the top reasons I love having a second shooter with me! Different vantage points. :)

The flowers were absolutely stunning and done by a local grocery florist!

I promise to love and cherish you...

And wipe away your tears and make you smile.

MARRIED!! One of the happiest moments during the day. Always makes my heart swell!

Traditional bridal party portrait? Not here!

Sarah's mom made her veil for her. Just one of the many fabulous touches.

Ducklings held a very special place during the weekend, after Sarah saved a lone duckling from running into the busy street! A good luck omen for any bride. :)


Their reception took place at the Museum of Visual Materials. A very cool space that is totally Green and environmentally friendly.

Sarah's sister's speech was really sweet. I especially loved her ending!

From the draped fabric to the mini pies to the handmade paper guest book, Sarah and Tim had some awesome details! One idea that I adored is the mismatched mugs at the coffee station. They were collected from garage sales and guests were encouraged to pick a mug and take it home with them at the end of the evening. Very Green!

The candle centerpieces were real wax, but electric candles!!

Instead of a plated meal, tapas were set up at several different stations so people could try all sorts of wonderful finger foods!

And a beautiful moment from their first dance to end. What a wonderful union of two people!
For more images from this beautiful day, check out Sarah & Tim's slideshow!

PS Wondering exactly HOW I met Devin? Maybe I will tell that story sometime...


Kristin Thomas Sancken said...

How wonderful! Beautiful photos, as always, Kaht. Sarah, you look positively stunning! Congratualtions Sarah and Tim!

Cassie said...

I don't have to wonder because I KNOW! :D <3 Always a job wonderfully done Kathleen!

Kelly said...

Beautiful Wedding Sarah!!!! It looked perfect!

WendyR said...

This is probably the coolest wedding I have EVER seen and definitely THE BEST wedding pics I have ever seen!!! Sarah, you look breathtaking and your flowers were amazing! I wish I had a fraction of your creativity. Congrats and may God bless your marriage forever and ever...
Wendy Ramse