Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Weekend Part 2: Rachel's Prom

When Rachel was born, I was old enough to help with her. I held her, fed her, changed her, and played with her. She was, in my little mind, my baby. Except when she had

*a messy diaper,
*would not stop crying,
*or spit up...

THEN she was my mum's baby again. Truly though, I have watched this adorable little baby grow into a beautiful young woman and true to the cliche saying, it seems like it has happened over night.

This past weekend she attended her high school prom. She was no longer the little girl watching me get my hair and make-up done for the big dance, but she was the young woman sitting still while I applied her eye shadow and blush. As my father gave her her flowers and my mum hooked her jewelry, I watched on with joy and sadness. She was no longer our baby, but a young woman of her own independence letting us "baby" her once more before we let her go....for just the night. xo Kaht

Of course everyone has to stand with the prom goddess. She is like a movie star!


Kate said...

She is stunning! :-) I can't believe how quickly she's grown up either......I hope she had a wonderful time!!!

daria said...

sniff, sniff...this is a very sweet post, kaht! they do grow up too fast!! and she looks very lovely!

Kathleen North said...

Thank you Kate and Daria! No matter how quickly she grows up though, I will always be the older sister! ;)