Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Burlington Vermont: Wedding: Kelly & Charles

He inquired after his bride, "Have you seen her yet? Is she nervous?" I answered that he was my first stop of the day and "was he nervous?" After a short pause he answered, "Maybe a little." To which I replied, "Good. Means this is real!" And that is how the day progressed, with a little bit of nervousness and a lot of love. Kelly and Charles met when they were students at Saint Michael's College. Together they stayed in Vermont after graduation, seeking out the best life has to offer. And when it came time to proclaim their love and devotion to one another in front of their family and friends, there was no better place than the chapel at Saint Michael's, the campus where they first fell in love.

And so the day progressed as Devin and I made out way from Charles to Kelly, where she quickly inquired after her groom, "How does he look? Is he nervous?" I answered that, "He sure makes a handsome groom! Are you nervous?" And after a short pause she said, "Maybe a little." To which I replied, "Good. Means this is real!" And as her maid of honor hooked her pearls and her mom helped with her shoes, Kelly prepared to marry the man of her dreams and start the next chapter of their life together in Vermont.

Thank you for such a perfect day Kelly and Charles! You truly are wonderful people and I hope that our paths will cross again soon. Possibly in the form of appetizers, drinks and entrees ;) Enjoy your honeymoon! xo Kaht

Kelly got Charles a beautiful watch! He was very happy with it :)

The adorable flower girls relaxing before the ceremony.

Kelly wore her grandmother's pearls as her something "old".

Such a beautiful bride!

A gift from Charles... :)

You are beautiful!

Kelly has her florist, Ingrid, put a little golf charm on Charles' boutonniere. A little surprise. :)

I always love it when couples opt to do a First Look! It is always so touching and beautiful and a perfect time to do some relaxed images beforehand. And as many will attest (myself included!) it takes away some of the stress and jitters to see one another beforehand. Who doesn't love a hug and snuggle from their true love when they are "maybe a little" nervous!

So lovely!

And sweet.

The good looking bridal party!

Time to get married!

Many wonderful readings were read during the ceremony.

Sometimes weddings are tiring... :)

The aisle photo squad! :)


One more quick kiss for my *wife*!


The pink and green theme was such fun!

Kelly is a teacher and many of her students came to witness her becoming "Mrs". Cute!

Sometimes bare feet are best! (Nooo she was not barefoot the whole wedding. Just when walking from one portrait place to another!)

Kelly, you are so lovely!!

We finished up portraits just in time for some rain to move in and the party to move into the Doubletree Hotel. Thank you to Pat and Scott who made sure the evening flowed smoothly. Perfect!

A wedding is not a wedding without a few toasts!

The beautiful cake was done by the wonderfully delicious Snaffle Sweets. There was maple buttercream filling!!

A sweet first dance for husband and wife.

As the night wore on Top Hat DJ kept the party going!

Ben & Jerry's also made an appearance! This is an awesome idea! (And not only because I have a mean addiction to Cherry Garcia and Oatmeal Cookie Chunk...) :)

To see more of Kelly and Charles' Burlington, Vermont wedding, check out their slideshow!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Super cute pictures - congratulations Kelly & Charles!

lucasphotographs said...

Nice images. Really like the ones of the rings and M&Ms. Nice work.

Kelly said...


We are IN LOVE with our photos! We just got back today and they were a wonderful welcome back!

Talk soon!

Kelly & Charles

Aimee said...

Gorgeous pictures Kelly! You look absolutely beautiful and it looked like a perfect day! Congratulations!

MetaLynith said...

They are so beautiful! I especially love the "something old" pic through the mirror. <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Day ♥ Beautiful Wedding ♥ Beautiful Families coming together ♥