Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kittens : 1 Month Old

In all of my traveling and photographing these past few days, one session took me down towards Southern Vermont, which also meant a trip to visit my family. And in visiting my family and The Farm, I inevitably got to cuddle the Easter kittens that are now 1 month old!

It is amazing how quickly they grow and change. They are round and furry and bounce about as they play with one another. The funniest thing is when you enter the room where they are, they will hop up and waddle/run over to greet you and nip at your ankles. If you give your attention to one furball and not the others, they will tug at your pant legs and nibble your hemline until you scoop them up and nuzzle their soft fur. Such snuggle hogs they are!

So while I back-up images and get ready to share some of my favorites on the blog, enjoy a few cuddly kittens today. :) xo Kaht

Exploring the outdoors.

Bear and Sweeney love to wrestle!

Ms. Fiona, the only girl kitty and an orange and black calico at that!!

And Doc. A real snuggler who fell asleep in my lap while I sat in their room reading.

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