Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chicago Belly Session: Shelley

Meet Shelley:

And the soon-to-be-any-day-now Ms. Eleanor!

Shelley is a friend from my life in Chicago where I was an intern for Chris Guillen Photography. Shelley was Chris' studio manager and second photographer. In short, I learned a lot from her and we have kept in touch over the years.

We, however, lacked on our "being in touch" this past year and so when I saw on Facebook that Shelley had a new website, I shot an e-mail of "how awesome!". Imagine how surprised I was when Shelley e-mailed me back talking about a new joint DJ/Photography studio that she and her hubby, Tyler, were opening and oh yeah, "also having a baby girl in May." WHOA! Yes, I think I did do a little happy dance. Great news from friends makes me dance!

After chatting more we decided that my trip to Chicago could (and should!) accommodate one Belly Session for this wonderful woman. Unfortunately Tyler could not join us because of his work schedule, but we still had a lovely time cruising about Chicago and "breaking into" golf courses. (Really, the gate was not locked...very well). Shelley made the comment that, "You are totally a country photographer. You keep finding every living thing to compose your image with." Ha! That made me laugh and yet, it was we have to do a few more city-like poses near the end. Congratulations again Shelley and Tyler! I cannot wait to meet Ms. Eleanor one day :) Enjoy! xo Kaht


Patty said...

Great photos of my lovely daughter-in-law and Eleanor. So happy you took them.

Kathleen North said...

Hi Patty! Thank you for the nice compliment :) I'm really glad our schedules worked together so I could be there to take them! Have fun snuggling the new grand baby soon!

Shelley Anderson said...


Thank you so much for the AMAZING photos!! You did such a wonderful job and I am so glad that I have these to share with Eleanor some day! I know she will love them, too.

You've grown so much as a photographer over the last few years and as I prepared for the session I expected nothing but the best from you, and that's what I got! You were professional, took attention to detail, and were such a joy to be around :). Not to mention, I have these wonderful photos now! Keep up the great work.