Monday, December 13, 2010

Even Professionals Take Bad Photos

Bad Funny photos happen. Just like bad hair days and bad sweaters.

Usually during a session there are a handful of images where the subjects are caught off guard at just the wrong moment. They are not nice candids, just unflattering spoofs. They make me chuckle and then get removed from the mix because who really wants to see them?

Actually....Who doesn't want to see them? Spoofs happen to everyone!

Even to professionals.

A few months back when the trees were still golden, I rolled Devin out of bed at sunrise for our family photo. We had the assistance of a good friend working the camera, but we were the subjects. And we got some bad funny photos in the mix. :) We also have a cat (Leisl) and we had to include him in the family photo (duh.) and as anyone who has tried to do a photo with pets can confirm, the pets are sometimes very similar to unruly children. :) Enjoy our spoofs! Be well, Kaht

"Don't let Leisl run away! I'm getting the settings right."

"I know you have treats!! Give. Me. Now. Purrrrrrlease?"

Up. Down. Up. Down. BUTT!

'I so do not belong to this family.'

"Here kitty kitty. Come to...Oh. Of course you come for your mama...."

"Awww, snuggle me too guys!! Snuggle snuggle snuggle MEEEE!" *snuggles*

"Mraaaaaaaa!!! Put me down! Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!!!"

Fine. We can look good without the cat. :)
Happy holiday photo season! Do you have any funny holiday photos??


Orchard Cove Photography said...

These are hilarious. I received your holiday card today and am very impressed with the final result :)

Our dogs are definitely easier to herd then Leisl...most of the time!

Suzanne Lowell said...

i love the one you did decide on! thanks for thinking of us!

Suzanne Lowell said...


love your new blog (though i loved the old-fashioned camera). just a suggestion -- put a link to the new blog here too, so stragglers know how to follow you!


Kathleen North Porter said...

Thanks Suz! That is totally at the top of my list :) Would hate for anyone to get lost! Or wonder if I had gone *poof* into thin air :)