Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ridiculous Me

Yesterday the Apocalypse almost occurred.

Almost because the seas did not turn to blood, the sky did not burn and the only dead man walking was Devin first thing in the morning. But the wind!!! It started in the morning and progressively became stronger throughout the day. Before too long twigs started to fall, tree branches started to snap and finally whole trees and power poles toppled over! A good friend actually had a tree fall ON her car while she was driving! We are all so thankful she and her dog are okay, but talk about scary!

Eventually the power went out and I was forced to shut things down for the day. I did what I could in the way of paperwork using my headlamp to see things by, but it always amazes me (and makes me cringe) just how much I rely on electricity, the internet, and my computer to get things done. Even though I try to limit my access and "desk chair time" it really takes up a lot of my life! Must work on that. "Desk chair butt" is so not sexy.

This morning driving out to yoga I got to see the tree carnage. It was insane! Big trees snapped off in the middle or pulled right out of the ground with their roots swinging in the breeze! We are so lucky to have only lost power because I have heard of many folks who had trees fall on their homes and cars. ::Thanks lucky stars::

Now things are mostly back to normal here. Other homes are still without power, so most of the local schools were cancelled today. The kids love it because it is actually a really nice day out! Freeeebie :) I have finally caught up on most of what I meant to get done yesterday and figured I would drop a line here to say "Hey!"

Does anyone else have any crazy wind storm stories??
They say the winds reached 90mph here yesterday!!! Insane.

Despite being a sunny-ish day, it is still kind chilly and here in Vermont we are the epitome of fashionistas! Well, at least I am. Can't speak for my other Vermont-comrades ;) But I am totally rocking out the wool socks+capris today. Even the UPS man commented on them! HA!
Ridiculous me.


daria bishop said...

Ooooohhhh...I was that friend!! That was one of the strangest days of my life. Aren't you honored to be a part of it?? I'm so happy we're all ok! It was a really fun lunch before the weirdness started. btw, andy posted the story on our blog this evening...
and also, where can i get that fab ensemble of socks and sweat cut-offs?? xo

Kathleen North Porter said...

At Kaht's Fashion Boutique OBVIOUSLY!Just saw your blog. HUGE TREE!!!