Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruuubaay!

If you have ever visited my website prior to today, you will notice that “Ruby” is missing and in her place are two beautiful little girls: “The Girls”. (More on them later!) My main motivation for removing “Ruby” was that I did not want people to think I have an unhealthy interest in rodents and vermin. Truly, I only have a Ruby fetish. She is my favorite little albino mouse whose humongous personality is hardly contained in her 10 gallon Modular Mouse Penthouse.

It all began about one year ago. In the paper there was an Ad for Bella’s House (rabbit rescue group in S. Royalton) “Adopt A Rabbit!” and below all the listings for lop-ears, cashmeres, and mini’s was “Free to Good Home: Rescued Pet Mouse”. Something clicked! In college my roommate and I had a rescued white mouse, fondly called Phat Maus. She was such a great pet! Hours of entertainment as she flew around her wheel and did acrobatics off the mesh ceiling of her cage. She would scurry about my roommate’s desk when she wrote papers, eventually falling asleep in a pile of tissues. Needless to say, my fond memories (and established box of mouse care essentials) provoked me to contact Bella’s House.

Ruby has been a part of my family for nearly a year now. Although she came to us a little ragged and thin, she has certainly plumped up to a nice pear shape (thanks to apple and peanut butter and yumsy yogurt bites!) and made the North Family Farm her home. As she is albino, we believe that she is partially blind. That being said, her hearing works fabulously! Whenever she hears a friendly voice come within feet of her home, she stands up and does her adorable pear-bellied Ruby dance, looking for a treat. She particularly loves it when someone sings a song with "Ruby" in it! With an abundance of food and fluffy tissues, Ruby certainly never minds a few moments in front of the camera. So, from now on, Ruby’s portraits will reside on my blog for all to enjoy! (And understand my Ruby fetish).


"Ruby and Wine"

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