Monday, November 1, 2010

Married: Robin & Goose: Montpelier, VT

Robin & Goose were my last wedding for 2010 and I truly could not have asked for a more wonderful couple. Their love and joy is contagious and throughout the day I could not help but smile and shed tears of joy right along with them and everyone else!

Their wedding day dawned bright and chilly with temperatures barely cresting 40 degrees, but the mood surrounding the hustle and bustle of getting ready was warm and cozy. They were both encircled by the people who love them most and laughter rang throughout the Parish House of The Old Meeting House as they prepared to become bride and groom. Before too long it was time for the first look. And as I stood with Goose waiting for Robin, he asked me, "How is it possible that I am about to marry a wonderful, beautiful woman? She is just perfect!" As his question hung between us in the crisp air, Robin turned the corner looking radiant and started to walk towards her husband-to-be.

Robin & Goose, thank you a million times for choosing me! It is an honor to be your photographer and a joy to be your friend. I hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon in the jungle! Wave "Hello!" to a sloth for me. I always thought they were so cute :) And in answer to your question Goose, anything is possible in love. May it always surround your marriage and life. xo Kaht

Sorry politicians. You can't hold a candle to the popularity votes these two get!

As I hung out with the girls, Devin scouted the property surrounding The Old Meeting House. It was such a neat location!

Robin & Goose left gift bags in their guests rooms that contained homemade jam and home brewed beer! Devin and I counted ourselves pretty luck to go home with such a goodie bag!

Robin & Goose opted for a First Look prior to their ceremony, which I am always in support of!

I love that the bridesmaids are sneaking a peek around the corner!!

It is such a tender moment when a couple sees one another for the first time on their wedding day.

Devin's view :)

Handsome groom, beautiful bride, wonderful day!

Cool guys...

Cool car!

After the First Look, everyone warmed up in The Parish House and watched as guests arrived.

Robin & Goose have some awesomely talented friends! The welcome sign was so neat. :)

Time to get married!

My view of the rings...

And Devin's view! A very cool angle. :)

Now, I mentioned all the tears of joy, yes? Well Robin & Goose's ceremony was simply full of happy tear moments! Here Robin's dad sings a song that he wrote for the couple. There was not a dry eye in the house!

Mr. & Mrs.! I love this moment :)

After the ceremony the sun had dropped below the horizon and the temperature was about 35 degrees! Bless their hearts, the wedding party did not murmur one. single. complaint. I wanted to hug them all and pass out cups of hot cocoa with heart shaped marshmallows, because they were all that awesome! Thank you :)

The red dresses were a perfect pop of color!

I do not know the whole story, but A LOT of work went into getting this car ready for the big day. And it was totally appreciated because it is such an awesome getaway car!

Snuggle close to keep warm!!


More *love*!

After the ceremony, the celebration moved to The Capital Plaza Hotel in downtown Montpelier, VT. The toasts were given by Goose's brother and Robin's sister and were full of humor and sweet stories. :)

Throughout the wedding planning process Robin would tip me off to the details she was working on. I was so excited to see them all! And was not disappointed. LOVED the bird theme. :) The adorable cake was done by Snaffle Sweets in Richmond, VT. It was spice cake and sooo delicious! Yes. I did have a piece. :)

Robin's mom made all of the mini jams for the guests. Someone please send a badge of honor to her, because I know how much work goes into making mini jams!

Robin & Goose chose to do a guest book with their engagement photos, which I just love! Their book cover was an antique leather that was so perfect for their autumn wedding. Warm & cozy.

After Robin & Goose opened the dance floor with their first dance as husband and wife,

The Grift then rocked the house for the rest of the night!

And everyone had a blast :)

Congratulations again to a beautiful couple! To see more of their wonderful day, you can check out their slideshow :) Be sure to have your sound on to be able to enjoy their first dance song!


Suzanne Lowell said...

oh yay -- some eye candy for my lunch break! If they don't know already, Robin & Goose should know that the goose and the gander mate for life. Not sure if Robin wants her nickname to be Gander though...

Beautiful photos Kaht!

daria bishop said...

What a fun wedding and you documented it beautifully!

Topo LaCroix said...

All I have to say is WOW. You definitely captured some awesome moments! Thank you so much you are an excellent photographer!!

Kathleen North Porter said...

Suzanne: Happy to provide the candy! Are all birds like that or only geese?

Daria: Thank you! It was a lot of fun :)

Topo: It was a good time working with good people, thank you!

cyndie said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for the time and effort put in to get the most awesome moments of the day! It was perfect!!

Robin said...

Kaht, you captured our wedding day perfectly : ) We just returned home from a "not so perfect honeymoon" and these pictures were exactly what we needed to lift our spirits.

Kelly Schulze said...

That IS a cool Mustang! I love the dresses too... so simple and pretty :) Kaht, you always capture the details and energy so beautifully.