Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Ties: The Rathburn's

I love photography. Blah blah blah. Could talk about it for hours! But I shall spare you and give you only one of the reasons today.

The people.

And I meet some of the best people! Be it a wedding or maternity session, a newborn portrait or family group, I gather great joy from the folks that I get to meet and photograph.

This family session was no exception. A group of wonderful people (and adorable pooches!) that made my job capturing their family easy! I went in to the session with my family-time guns drawn, prepared to make people laugh, hold hands, smile, look at one another, snuggle, beeee a family. Holstered those bad boys right away! The Rathburn's needed little prompting. The love and adoration amongst parent and child, husband and wife, sister and sister was...beautiful. The bond in this family was so visible and strong that it washed over me too! I left after our session with the warm fuzzies and a sense of true happiness. Thank you. :)

So, enjoy these images. Let some love wash over you and make your day that much nicer! xo Kaht

Monty and Max were positively adorable!

Beautiful sisters!

When the pups heard, "back inside!", they were having none of that. Gave everyone a good runaround :)

It was a fairly windy and cloudy day, so we decided to work with it and create a mood.

Mom and sister were dropping leaves on her. A bit on the heavy side, but she loved it!

The girls got a chance to retaliate on mom and dad with the leaves.

To see more family love, you can view their slideshow here!


Rachel said...

I like the black and white one where they are standing in the field. I hate to be a twilight freak but that what it looks like. this is how the Cullen clan should have been portrayed.

Kathleen North said...

@ Rachel. It is totally Twilight ;)