Friday, November 13, 2009

Katie (Sully) & Dave Engagement!

After a few weeks of knowing one another, Sully confided in me that her first impression of me had been that I was a Hollywood diva.

I'll admit I did have a love for pink tinted "sunglasses" as well as some pretty unique clothing choices and I did have a flair for the dramatic, but as she knows now, my diva-ness was just covering up my nervousness. That was in the summer of 2000, when we in training together to become Camp Calumet Lutheran camp counselors.

Now nine years down the road, our paths have gone different ways from our camp counselor days, but they are still parallel enough that my best friend is just a phone call away. The past few months have been such a blessing as Sully has travelled numerous times from DC to Vermont to attend first my bridal shower and then be a part of my wedding. Spending time together with her is like picking back up at a chapter I left off at in a favorite book. And now Sully has introduced me to a new character: Dave.

W-Day was literally hours away when Dave and I shook hands for the first time (actually, I think I hugged him because that's how we do it in Vermont!) and I can only imagine the diva flair I was emitting. (Minus the tinted glasses). But bless his heart, he was a great help the whole weekend! (Sully must have clued him in to my false diva-hood.) And I am so happy to welcome this great guy into my life novel.

"Sully" is my best friend, however Katie is Dave's beloved. And truly, they are so in love! Robert (my dad!) and I were able to meet up with them on a beautiful October afternoon at The Fells in Newbury, NH for their engagement photos. (future brides, this is a beautiful location for a ceremony!) Needless to say, it was like old times for Sully and I: lots of laughing and silliness. And for Dave, well, he joined right in on the silliness. I think we are going to be friends :) Enjoy! xo Kaht

There was a lot of sculpture pieces around the property of The Fells. Some were pretty interesting...

Not that you cannot see for yourself, but the color was amazing!! Love love love.

During sessions sometimes I like to show a little sneak peak: gives people confidence that they actually do look fabulous! In this case, I was showing them how goofy they looked. :)

Robert caught this one :) Love the look on Dave's face!

Ah, yes. Silly Dave emerges!!

THIS is my best friend folks. And I love her laugh :) Apparently Dave does as well, because he kept making her laugh! Luckily there is enough Sully/Katie laughter for us to share :)

Saw the stairs and just couldn't resist. :)

Robert captured this moment of Sully and I showing off our *bling*. Flair for the dramatic? it's catching.

And then DAVE got this one!

Need more? Of course you do! You can see their slideshow here.

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