Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kubota/Taufer Workshop Fabulousness

When my friend Daria e-mailed me earlier this summer and said, "You MUST sign-up for this workshop in October!" I held little ground for an argument. For Kevin & Clare Kubota and Vicki & Jed Taufer to be visiting Vermont for a workshop was awesome! Maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to have them in our home state. (I hope they'll come back of course!). So, no argument about it, I signed right up and eagerly awaited October.

What a great time! Kevin, Clare, Vicki, and Jed are fantastic people, photographer's, business entrepreneurs and overall just a ton of fun! In just two days I learned SO MANY new things about my business and my photography. Blows my mind! Education rocks :)

Daria Bishop. Unfortunately her husband and fellow photog Andy could not join us because their son was sick. You're a good Dad/Husband, Andy! :)

Whether he is behind the computer or the camera, Kevin Kubota is an awesome teacher! (And photographer/computer guru)

Working with models on Sugarbush Mountain. Clare is not only Kevin's lovely wife, but his trusted asst. in many things.

Beautiful bride model Liz and trusty workshop mascot Tiki! (Barrie Fisher's dog)

A little swing action for our model couple.

Barrie's nephew Sam was the model for Vicki's Senior Portrait part of the workshop. He did pretty great!

Natalie Stultz and Kathleen Landwherle


Vicki works with Hanne, John Williams daughter and the model for the kid and family portraits section.

Mike Riddell hopped in for a little family snuggle with John and the kids :)

Barrie, Tiki, and Sam

We wanted Tiki to lie down between Barrie's boots to get a cute shot that way. Well, Tiki was not having it. Barrie, being an extreme photographer and willing to do anything for the shot, got down on the ground to entice Tiki to lay down. No such luck.

When all else failed, Barrie brought the boots to Tiki.

Barrie pretty much rocks :)

Daria working it from a distance!

Pals Kevin Kubota and Daria Bishop.

WHAT is this? Well, The Laying Down Game, of course!
We were given the task of taking the best Laying Down Game photo and submitting it for the workshop. The Laying Down Game is basically just that: you lay face down, arms at your side, straight, ANYWHERE and take a photo. Here are Karen Pike, Robin Langdorf, Daria Bishop, Barrie Fisher, and Tiki doing their best Laying Down job.

Devin, bless his heart, went out with me when I got home from the workshop and we (I) embarrassed ourselves a little at the local market.

But THEN later that night (LATE!) we had a great idea. So we packed up my gear, grabbed some props, grabbed the cat Leisl and headed downtown to the cemetery. A little Halloween version of The Laying Down Game :)
All in all an awesome 2 days! xo kaht


daria said...

Kaht, you crack me up!! I told you I'd have to kill you if you posted that 1st photo, but I forgive you because it made me laugh. Especially with the red devil eyes!
It's funny that because the groups were split in half, it looks like you were at a different workshop than me. It was such a great time and I'm SO happy that you came!!!

Kathleen North said...

Hmm...I have a vague memory of that threat. My mind is very bad ;) The devil eyes are thanks to the fantastic quality of my wee-bitty point and shoot. Small and pocketable, but definitely not up to standard! Super glad I made it too :)