Monday, March 8, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: Jay Peak

This past weekend not only was the weather gorgeous and Devin and I were both off from work, but our good friends, Carl and Cassie, came all the way from Michigan to visit us! We had a great time hanging out and eating good food :) On Saturday we went skiing at Jay Peak, a mountain I had never been to before. It was possibly the most perfect day for skiing!!

Carl and Cassie were beginner skiers, but picked things up super fast!

Around lunch, Devin and I decided to venture to the top of Jay on the Tram. We waited in line for almost an hour! The Tram is definitely either a really early day venture or only once in a day thing.

Up up up!

It was SUPER windy at the top! And despite the nice sun, it was really cold. I don't mess around when it is that cold... Devin is just a nutter.

You could see for MILES all around Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and into Canada. Awesome :)

Everything at the top was covered in snow and ice. Very sparkly though!

A perfect day on a perfect weekend. xo Kaht


Cassie said...

First of all, good food? No. GREAT food.

Second, Yay me! Except that faceplant you and Devin conveniently missed, I too would say I did pretty decently for my first time out... and I would definitely do it again. Thanks so much Kaht for being such a patient and willing teacher so that I did not get overly frustrated and want to give up early in the day.

I had a great weekend and can't wait to spend another with the two of you! I loved the time we all spent together but having such a wonderful female to hang out with while the U of D boys hung out together was simply perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed our bonding time and as I believe I said in the Christmas Card, we really are lucky to have such great people in our lives <3

Miss you already!

Kathleen North said...

You are so sweet Cassie! :) We agree that we are very luck to have YOU two in our lives! Hands down. xo!