Friday, March 26, 2010

Kelly & Charles Engaged! Colchester, Vermont

Most of the month of March has been beautiful: clear skies, bright sun, and spring temperatures. The day I met up with Kelly and Charles was cold. The kind of cold that makes your fingers stiff and your lips blue. Cold and wet. All day up until their session I kept my fingers crossed that the skies would break, the rain would stop, and the beautiful Spring weather would come back. Yeaaah.

Lucky for me, Kelly and Charles were not bothered by such trivial things as foul weather. Nope. There minds were on one thing and one thing only: one another. After chatting, I learned that that day was their sixth dating anniversary. Such an appropriate day for their engagement photos! And the love that has grown between them over the past six years kept them warm and smiling even as the wind and rain turned my cheeks and nose red.

After apologizing profusely for the utter torture I was submitting them too, Kelly told me with a smile, "We are all about the end product." And that saying really touched me. This fabulous couple cares so much about a great outcome for their images that they are willing to do what it takes to capture such images! Even tough out wet weather. Awesome. :)

The saying also made me think about all of the stresses a couple may encounter during the wedding planning process and how it is easy to become wrapped up in the details when only one thing matters, the end product. Your marriage. Marrying your best friend! And that is definitely worth weathering a little "rain".

Thank you Kelly and Charles for being so wonderful and in love. It is all about the end product and I cannot wait to witness and capture that for you in just over a month! xo Kaht

Kelly and Charles both attended St. Michael's College, where the library offered a dry, warm refuge for us. :)

A special thank you to Christine at the Crimson Poppy Flower Shoppe for the beautiful tulips that added just the right pop of color to an otherwise gray day. :)


daria said...

Love love love the shot with the pink tulips and those pink tulips with the ring! The last shot is my very fav.
Way to make sunshine on a gloomy day!

Kelly said...

If only every client thought the same way that they do! They'll certainly forget the discomfort and will remember it, chuckling, as cold and rainy. You captured them as warm, beautiful people Kathleen! I agree with Daria, the last is my fave :D

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Too funny! I photographed them last fall as part of a promotion with Ink Ink at Shelburne Farms....they were great and I know you'll have a blast working with them!!