Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lindsay & Greg's Wedding, Lilac Inn, Brandon, VT

Despite there still being snow on the ground (with a fresh inch just last night!), Spring is upon us, which also means weddings will be in full swing starting in April! I am looking ahead to a fabulous season with some wonderful couples. And I cannot wait to share the images with you!

Seeing as it is gray and cloudy again today, I thought it best to share some warm sunny images with you.

Lindsay and Greg were married at the Lilac Inn in Brandon, VT last August. It was an intimate wedding with only their immediate family to witness their declaration of love. However, despite being a small group, the celebration was positively full of joy and laughter! My fondest memory of this day is how absolutely welcoming and friendly everyone was to Justin and I. By the end, it felt like we were just part of the family!

Enjoy a little look into this truly lovely wedding. xo Kaht

Lindsay was very calm and cool throughout the afternoon, and so very radiant!

The Lilac Inn is a beautiful location for a wedding. They have a great garden for the ceremony and a nice ballroom for receptions. I personally loved all of the vintage details in the inn, like the pillows on the bed!

Simply stunning and so very elegant.

All of their nieces and nephews were part of the wedding. It was so sweet!

Before the ceremony Lindsay and Greg wanted to go down to the lake and have photos done. It was such lovely lighting!

Time to get married!

Beautiful gardens!


So much joy!!

I think that Greg looks in awe at the beauty of his new wife. :)

A few more images after the ceremony out front of the inn.

Normally I am not one for funky images with motion blur, but this image inside the ballroom really appealed to me. It really shows the energy of the evening. A big family dinner!


Love love LOVE the expressions on the little girls faces. 'Alright, this is how you do it!'

And the party went on well into the night....

Thank you again Lindsay and Greg! xo Kaht


Orchard Cove Photography said...

So nice to see a burst of green....summertime is returning soon I hope! Beautiful images - what a fun and intimate wedding!

Kathleen North said...

Summer is near!!

Kathleen North said...

Summer is near!!