Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: 1 Year Weekend

The weekend of Meg & Mike's wedding, Devin and I decided to head towards West Ossipee, NH (wedding central) on Friday evening in order to take some time to relax and celebrate our one year anniversary. We stayed in North Conway at a cute little B&B that was close to town. On Saturday we walked around town and leisurely peeked into the storefronts, taking our time walking hand in hand and not allowing a schedule to dictate our time. It was really nice!! Enjoy a little visual story of our weekend. xo Kaht

When we headed into town on Saturday morning the town green was bustling with activity. "A market!" I said dancing about. So we headed over ready to revel in local produce. A few steps into said market and we both look at each other with eyebrows raised, "there are a lot of dogs here..." YEP! It was NOT a market but Bark in the Park: a local fundraising event for the humane society! We wandered about totally out of place (without a dog) and enjoyed some of the fun things that were going on. I loved this Puppy Kisses booth!

And this little guy is totally asking for "one more toy!"

It was a warm day, so the doggy paddle pools were very busy!

This little lady cracked me up as she wandered around with one of the freebie frisbees. :)

After the park we went on a little hike around Echo Lake. The leaves in the mountains were positively brilliant!

For lunch we wanted something light and had gone to Delaneys Pub the evening before and saw that they served fresh sushi! FRESH! SUSHI! {Let me clarify real quick that we are not raw fish sushi folks. Yet. We are big fans of the California Roll and other veggie versions though!} :) So we had this amazing lunch that was just so perfectly delicious! Mmmm, I am hungry just writing about it! I wish it were closer by :)

After lunch we wanted to head over to another trail and on our way passed this farm that had an "Open Farm" sign out. So, of course we stopped! It was totally geared towards little kids so we were once again out of place (no kid!), but we did get to hang with the alpacas and feed them snackies. :)

Now, we had ONE item planned for the evening, and that required dressing up. My husband, he is so handsome :)

While we were enjoying pre-dinner wine and cheese on the back porch of the B&B, a friend showed up. So, there is a story here. When Devin and I were on our honeymoon in Maine 1 year ago, we were just falling asleep one night when we heard a *mrow mrow mrow*. When I looked out the window there was a cat! He came right in when I opened the door and settled down on top of the warm dryer. We think he belonged to a neighbor up the road from the cottage we were renting. Anyways, now here we are on our one year trip and we just settle in to sleep when we hear *mrow mrow mrow*. Once again I *hop* out of bed and go to the window and there is this furry black face peering back at me! Again, I opened the door and in comes this obviously scraggly black cat who tours the room and then settles next to the bed. Broke my heart to put him back outside for the night, but we made sure to snuggle him a little first before doing so. So here he is again during out wine and cheese time and he is totally saying...

Will this become a trend?

Although a slightly unflattering picture of me, stray kitty looks pretty good! He sat with me a moment before realizing I did not have any more cheese. Seeya!

Our dinner surprise was a scenic train ride in the dining car of the Conway Scenic Railroad! It was really a lot of fun, although it became dark quite early so the scenery was not very scenic :) A lovely evening though.

And fancy too! Linen table cloths and napkins!

All in all a wonderful weekend between our explorations and Meg & Mike's wedding :)

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Tom Porter said...

Love this report. You guys are so sweet.