Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Married: Kelly & Brant: Whaleback Mountain, NH

Crisp. Bright. Colorful. Beautiful.

That is how I would describe the perfect New England fall day. And that is exactly what I woke up to on the morning of Kelly & Brant's wedding. A perfect fall day that was no doubt sent to compliment their perfect wedding. And despite the chill in the air, the sun shone bright and warmed the faces of their guests as they gathered at the top of Whaleback Mountain for a sweet ceremony that bound together two people in love. And as I followed Kelly & Brant back down the mountain on the chairlift, they snuggled close as the trees and the leaves moved slowly by in their colorful splendor and I could not help but smile. This is what the perfect autumn day is made of: crisp air, bright sun, beautiful colors, and snuggling close to the person you love. Period.

Congratulations again Kelly & Brant! May you always snuggle close and be surrounded by love! xo Kaht

The setting for the ceremony at the top of Whaleback Mountain was just breathtaking!

A family friend made the beautiful fall themed cake.

Kelly made a lot of her decorations and details. I loved the leaf shaped napkin holders!

Kelly's sister Kimmi and I went to high school together :) It was great to have her by Kelly's side helping her to transform into a beautiful bride. Thank you Kimmi!

Riding up to the ceremony with Dad!

Brant watches as Kelly comes over the crest of the mountain.

What a day...


Married! :)

Mr. & Mrs. in the autumn glory :)

A cute capture by Robert :) A big thanks to the Whaleback team for making sure we got on and off the chairlifts with no glitches! I sometimes wonder if I am not more coordinated ON my SKIS!

It was a super chilly ride back down the mountain: made me wish for my own snuggler! Or at least a fleece jacket :) Thank goodness for love to keep you warm!

Kelly and her beautiful blue eyes just made my life all shiny and perfect!

And then they stole my heart with this one!

Michelle of Petals did an amazing job with the flowers. Many thanks as always :)

A little pumpkin bling :)

These cuties were known as the bubble brigade throughout the evening! Made dancing shots a lot of fun!

We'll finish with this tender moment before the suns set. *love*!
Enjoy more of Kelly & Brant's celebration with their slideshow!


andy said...

What a fantastic day, location and couple! And then all topped off with fantastic photos!! Love the portraits and lift shot!

Anonymous said...

kaht, these are great! and what a fabulous location! perfect weather! i wish i was a guest at this wedding, it looked lovely.

<3 shauni

Anonymous said...

wow, such spectacular photos!

Kelly Flint said...

OMG WOW!!! What amazing pictures! I can not thank you enough for being there to capture our very special day!

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL DAY! The Scenery is GORGEOUS & You ALL look SO HAPPY! Great Pictures! THanks for sharing!!! :) Congrats!!!
~ Jack & Kim

April C said...

Love all the pics....such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!!!