Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Married: Meg & Mike: Camp Calumet, Ossipee, NH

We all wanted to marry a camp boy.

Now, without insulting my dear husband or those sweet guys that my other dear camp friends have met and married, let me explain. Camp Calumet Lutheran holds a special place in my heart as I know it does with many of my camp friends. After spending several summers as a camper I moved on to become a counselor for the girls senior end. The summers I spent at camp were some of the best summers of my life! I lived and learned, loved and grew and all the while I was surrounded by people who had a similar faith and love for God. It was all a young girl could ask for! And naturally we all dreamed of holding on to those summers and Calumet for as long as possible and what better way to do that than to marry a camp boy?! Not to mention since they work at a youth camp, they obviously are good with kids, DUH! Alas, without disappointment, I married a college boy. And without making this post into a novella on the love I have for him and the faith we both share, it will suffice to say that he is just as good, if not better than any camp boy. Sorry fellas.

But Meg, well Meg lived out the dream that many of us had! I cannot speak for Mike as many of the top secret chats I had were with my fellow girl counselors, but I have a feeling it may have crossed the boys minds as well. And of course, part of that dream was to get married at Calumet.

I do not think I will ever attend another camp wedding seeing as my best friend from camp had a beautiful Boston wedding, so I counted it as a privilege and honor that Devin and I got to spend our one year anniversary photographing a Camp Calumet wedding. And especially because it was for Meg & Mike :)

Congratulations again and again and again! I won't go in to the conversations that were had late at night around candlelit picnic tables, but let's just say, I think we all knew that what you two had would last beyond the summer and then some. May warm summers and cool evenings always be a sweet reminder to you of the love that you share and the life that began by the calm waters of Lake Ossipee. :) xo Kaht

A gray fall day does wonders to the vibrant foliage! While Devin followed Mike, I met up with Meg and the ladies at the Conference Center.

Meg's dress was just as I had imagined it would be! The beaded details and keyhole back just added to the elegance and beauty that she already possesses :)

A sweet hug from Meg's mom while her dad looks on at his b-e-a-U-tiful daughter.

While the ladies were getting ready, Mike was with the musicians and choir in the Outdoor Chapel (ODC) practicing before the ceremony.

With the wondrous program that is Photoshop, I thought about getting rid of the scratches and doodles on the picnic table, but then decided it was those things that truly said "camp".

A little help from Dad :)

Mike is a wonderful musician, thus the clef note cufflinks from Meg were highly appropriate.

The ring-bearer was such a little gentleman!

A good looking group of guys! The deep plum color was really perfect for the fall day.

And of course a beautiful bride. Meg & I were campers together when we were 12 or so. Numerous times throughout the day we looked at one another and said, "Who would have thought when we met that I/you would be photographing your/my wedding?!?!?" *love*!

Some more sweetness with Meg and her parents!

Meg's ladies were a lot of fun to hang out with as well!

The ceremony included a lot of beautiful music and hymns :)

The beautiful bouquets were done by camp friends from RI whose family owns The Flower Pot. The colors and scents were just wonderful! Thank you Tess (bridesmaid!) for letting me periodically sniff your bouquet ;)


I love that Devin caught the parents reactions to the marriage pronouncement!

* love*!

Time for some Meg & Mike time...

Lake Ossipee just looks so peaceful!

Meg & Mike were both in the boating department as counselors, so of course we had to incorporate them!

During the summer the dining hall hosts hundreds of campers and counselors each day for meals. I was excited to see how it would look for a wedding and even more pleased to see how magical it looked! A true transformation :)

Their table numbers were the tops to the mason jars. Inventive!

Guests signed these flower pots that a friend will later trace over with glaze and fire for Meg & Mike to keep as a nice reminder of the many people that adore them! A very cool idea.

The toasts by their close friends were sweet...

...and a little silly :)

And in true camp fashion, the night was celebrated with music, laughter and fun well into the night! Thank you to Chris from Boston Music Works for keeping the party going :)
To see more of Meg & Mike's wonderful day, check out their slideshow!

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