Monday, June 28, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding, Literally

A couple weeks ago Devin and I packed our city clothes and shiny shoes and headed into the grand city of Boston. We were headed to a guests. That meant we could eat the expensive food, drink the wonderful wine, and dance to our hearts delights! No shot lists, time lines, or Power Bars. We were strictly there to witness the love of my best friend as she married her best friend.

But, that does not mean I did not have a camera with me. ;)

You might recognize this lovely couple from their engagement session back in October. Sully & Dave met in DC at a bar. WHOA! Yes, this is a boy meets girl in bar story and I just love it! When Dave asked Sully for her number, she contemplated for 5 seconds on giving him the wrong number until Dave, being smooth as butter, said, "Here, call me, then I will have your number in my phone."

Dave, thank you for being smooooth and slightly persistent.

I am so happy that my best friend has found her perfect match! She may be my soul sister, but everyone needs a soul mate and I am so glad that person is Dave! So enjoy a few images from the day as I saw it. Phil of Living Photo was the hired gun and so kindly allowed me to peep around when the photo spirit moved me. Thanks Phil :) Really though, I tried to enjoy the day as best as possible. Congratulations again my lovely friends! I am so happy for you :) xo Kaht

The girls got ready at The Commandants House on Boston Harbor. It was such a beautiful historical building!

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and the rain came down down down.

My friend, she is so beautiful!

I think Bridesmaid Southmayd captured this for me as we steamed the wrinkles out of Sully's gown. Thank you!

Such an elegant gown!

Wedding portraits from Sully and Dave's family members were set up around the cocktail space. I love when family history is incorporated!

The sun room had such beautiful paintings!

The colors were teal and apple green. A very fun combination :)

Back at the hotel, Dave and his men were watching the World Cup. :)

Handsome groom!

Dave's mom saved the day by finding an extra pocket square when Dave's went MIA.

A good looking group, ready to go!

I just could not resist!

Here comes his bride!

The church was just beautiful!

LOVE all the fun details!

My handsome fella :)

Thank you Devin for capturing this for us!

A little romance before partying into the night! xo


Meghan said...

FABULOUS pics! You're so good at capturing every little detail and I know that is something Katie truly appreciates! Love it, and loved finally meeting you :)


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Many beautiful ones - especially love that last one!


daria said...

Her tent and details were adorable!
I'm with amanda...that last one is uber lovely!!