Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Perfect Gift: Stowe, VT: Ron & Amber

Back a few months ago when the ground was still frozen and the trees had yet to leaf out, I received an inquiry from a desperate husband. His anniversary was coming up and his wife had "the best gift for him!" and he...well, he was at a loss as to what might top "the best gift". Until a friend said,
"What do you love the most?"
"MY WIFE! And my dog."
"There you have it then," the friend said smartly.
"My wife and my dog?"
"No no no. Pictures of your wife...and your dog," she said writing down an e-mail.

Perhaps those are not the exact words from the conversation, but an embellished story is a better story. Needless to say, Ron contacted me looking for the best anniversary gift he could give to his beautiful wife Amber. And a private photo session of the two of them with their sweet dog Kicks was truly, the perfect gift.

We chatted back and forth for a few weeks, waiting for the sun to warm the Earth and for color to return before we set a date. Finally, June arrived and so had the perfect time.

Thank you Ron for picking the best gift EVER! And Amber, thank you for picking the second best gift ;) I cannot wait to come over and have Ron fire up the grill for some awesome summer food! xo Kaht

Even at 5pm, the sun was still glorious and warm. Made for some lovely romantic back lit shots.

While Ron, Amber and I were doing this...

Kicks was doing this. HAH!

Lucky for us a quick dip in the river cleaned him right up.

A random shot where Ron stepped over to fix Amber's hair. I just love the look she is giving him!

A little sass looks good on these two.

Melt my heart!

Amber, I know it is the sun adding the golden tone to this image, but really, your smile is simply beautiful and full of life and light! Thank you for being gorgeous my friend.

"Blue Steel" was a little foreign to Ron, but he mastered a look all of his own!

This barn was really an awesome find! Such fabulous textures and coloring.

A little sweetness to finish off the evening!


Orchard Cove Photography said...

SOOO adorable! LOVE the muddy dog - a very familiar sight to me :)

Amber said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for taking so many wonderful photos! They are stunning.

stina said...

I love the muddy dog! That's what my guys would be doing too! Nice shots Kathleen!