Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keeping Up with K&D: Small World Reunion

It was one of those moments. An instance of recognition followed by excitement. And as I grabbed Devin's hand and hauled him through the mass of young people milling about, I exclaimed, "It's Dan! It's Dan!"

"Dan? Dan who?"

And then there came the moment of questioning and doubt as I halted, causing Devin to knock into my shoulder. And I stared, trying to reason with recognition and doubt as they argued back and forth. Looks like, acts like, could be, might be, similar to, probably not, what are the chances, isn't he in El Salvador?... And as I started to falter I turned to a women who was part of the group and asked slowly, "Is that guy... named...Dan?"

"Why yes! That is Dan!" she exclaimed.

And I turned to Devin and echoed her joyfully and continued to drag him through the masses towards Dan, a friend from our college days.

At times such as this I am just in awe at how small the world can seem at times. What are the chances that Dan, youth director for Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL, would be dining at my church's potluck IN VERMONT? He was traveling with his youth as they did a tour from Illinois, up through Montreal and into Vermont and our tiny church of Good Shepherd just happened to be one of the stops along their way. The luck!

As we caught up on one our lives and updated each other on future plans and endeavors, I could not help but smile. Perhaps Dan and I had not been best friends throughout college. Maaaybe we only knew the basics about one each other life. And obviously the only way we kept in touch for the past couple years was via FB updates and rumors, but to find that an old friend is doing well in life is such a wonderful feeling! Warm fuzzies and all.

It also amazes me that so many young people have such great talents and strong beliefs. I love that! From the voices to the puppetry, it was a wonderful concert and great reunion. xo Kaht

You can check out there ministry trip blog here to learn about the awesome things they have been doing! One of Dan's youth kindly took this reunion image for us. Thank you!
What is a small world experience you have had? I'm ready to be amazed!


Erin said...

I keep getting sucked into your blog from facebook - and I should be cleaning.

This just made me giggle though. Did you ever have any classes with Professor Bloom or Professor Seguin (both history profs)? If not, you missed out. They were definitely my two favorite teachers. Anyway, I moved to D.C. for a semester my junior year. I'd been there 3 days and was out for a night of dancing with a couple of new friends. I'd had to run back to campus and was on the metro back to downtown when the doors opened at a station and there were Bloom and Seguin! So very very strange. They were in town for a conference and we somehow ended up on the same train in the same car at the same time. Lots of laughing and hugging and when I got off the metro, the friend I was with gave me a funny look and a "who was that??" So I explained that they were my two favorite professors from my home university. He looked at me funny again. "Don't you go to school in, like, Indiana??" "Well, yeah . . ."

Erin Tucker

Kathleen North Porter said...

That is an awesome story Erin! I never did have Prof. Bloom or Seguin as teachers, but I did know them as people. Wonderful people! Thank you for sharing :)

PS Reading blogs instead of cleaning is totally acceptable.