Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On Blogging and Cat Hair

In all the things I have had to do to help grow my business, blogging has been the best...and worst part. Aside from my love for photography (and my husband, family and cat), I also have a passion for writing.

Badda bing!

A blog is perfect then! Right? Post my favorite images AND write a nice little ditty about them. A combination of two passions mixed into one nice chocolate cookie/vanilla cream filling combination. Unfortunately, it never happens that way. My writing typically comes out as a bit rushed and dramatic. What may have been a simple story does not sound like one because of all the details and perfect moments that bounce around in my brain just waiting to be put into beautiful eloquent sentences. So once the images are ready for the blog, then comes the writing. And there is the brick wall. I think commonly referred to as writer's block? Bah.

But eventually after the verbal mud pie has been formed into a delicate confection, the post makes it way onto the ever wonderful Internet for my "adoring public" to read and be awed by my obviously educated and refined way of writing. Couple that with a few great images and the blog is essential to building this business. Or at least I hope my "adoring public" thinks so. :)

And I wonder why there is so much cat hair on my keyboard?

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Cassie said...

Adoring public? Absolutely.